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A look at Helicobacter pylori

H. pylori is involved in almost all duodenal ulcers, 70% of gastric ulcers and 90% of chronic gastritis.¬† The infection is limited to the stomach and does not invade the tissue, it causes an immune response and inflammation that weakens … Continue reading

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Upper GI bleed

Mortality rate from upper GI bleed (UGIB) is approximately 10%. Death from UGIB is most commonly due to comorbid illnesses.¬†Rebleeding or continued bleeding is associated with increased mortality. The causes of UGIB in decreasing order: peptic ulcer disease (27-40% of … Continue reading

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Shocking mortality

Patients with a single episode of hypotension, <100 mmHg, measured by EMS or the ED have an increased risk of death during hospitalization. Elevated ED lactate levels, independent of other factors, in presumed sepsis predicts an increase in 28 day … Continue reading

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Abdominal Xray

Plain films demonstrate a SBO in 50-60% of cases and is abnormal in another 20-30% suggesting SBO. Small bowel is central in the abdomen. To identify the small bowel look for valvulae conniventes (plicae circularis) which make thin transverse indentations … Continue reading

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