Magnesium in Afib

Here are the conclusions, the articles seem relatively valid, although I did not take a super close look.

American Journal of Cardiology 2007 (meta-analysis): Suggests that intravenous magnesium administration is an effective and safe strategy for the acute management of rapid AF.

Annals of Emergency Medicine 2005 (randomized control trial): Magnesium sulfate, when used to supplement other standard rate-reduction therapies, enhances rate reduction and conversion to sinus rhythm in patients with rapid atrial fibrillation.

Annals of Emergency Medicine 2009 (randomized control trial): This study was unable to demonstrate a difference between IV MgSO4 10 mmol and saline placebo for reducing heart rate or conversion to sinus rhythm at 2 hours post treatment in ED patients with AF of less than 48 hours duration.

Journal of Cardiovascular Electrophysiology 2011 (randomized trial): Administration of K/Mg solution positively influences the success rate of CV in patients with persistent AF. Furthermore, significantly less energy is required to successfully restore SR and therefore K/Mg pretreatment may facilitate SR restoration in patients undergoing CV for AF.

According to Rosens’ – IV magnesium, 2-4 grams over 2 minutes, is an adjunct or third line therapy to decrease rapid ventricular response.

Time to do some reading and evaluation of the literature and make a decision if this will be used in your practice.

 Rosen’s 7th ed pg 1012

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