Treatment of Pericarditis

Treatment of pericarditis is directed at the underlying cause. NSAIDs are the mainstay of treatment for symptomatic relief in idiopathic and viral pericarditis.

What about colchicine and steroids in acute pericarditis? According to a systematic review from American Heart Journal in 2010. Colchicine was associated with a reduced risk of treatment failure and recurrent pericarditis, but with a trend toward more adverse effects. Overall, steroids were associated with a trend toward increased risk of recurrent pericarditis.

┬áRosen’s 7th ed., pg 1055

Lotrionte M, et. Al; International collaborative systematic review of controlled clinical trials on pharmacologic treatments for acutepericarditis and its recurrences; Am Heart J. 2010 Oct;160(4):662-70

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