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Gold, Frankincense, and Myrrh!!!

Sorry for the delay with this post, but I thought I’d wait until Christmas day to give ya this one.  Most everyone knows of the traditional Christmas gifts of gold, frankincense, and myrrh, but there were many ancient medicinal beliefs … Continue reading

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Happy Holidays

Hope all is well…  Lets keep in mind those who continue to work as everyone else enjoys the company of their families. Thank you to the first responders, police, doctors, nurses and techs and our troops in harm’s way. As … Continue reading

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Trauma in Pregnancy

Trauma in a pregnant patient should follow the trauma algorithm that is always used. Transfusion, imaging and diagnostic work up should not be changed. Treat the mother first. Vaginal, cervical, and rectal examinations should be included in the secondary survey. … Continue reading

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Hypertension in Pregnancy

Definitions Chronic hypertension – hypertension before pregnancy or identified before 20 weeks gestation Gestational Hypertension – >140 systolic or >90 diastolic diagnosed after 20 weeks of gestation Preeclampsia –  is characterized classically by the triad of hypertension (>140 systolic or … Continue reading

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