The glans and foreskin

Balanitis/balanoposthitis -  Usual causes are poor hygiene, chemical irritation (eg bubble bath),  local trauma, contact dermatitis, candidal or bacterial infection. Culture urethral discharge if a concern for STDs. Consider sexual abuse. Parental involvement is needed for supervision of gentle cleaning under the foreskin, sitz baths, and application of 0.5% hydrocortisone cream. Topical antifugals can be effective. If a fiery-red erythema and a moist exudate are present then streptococcal etiology should be considered (Fournier’s gangrene is possible in the immunocompromised). Treat bacterial infections with oral antibiotics (eg 1st gen cephalosporin).

Phimosis – the foreskin gradually becomes retractile as a result of erections, manipulation and keratinization of the inner epithelium. At 3 years of age 90% of foreskin can be retracted and all by late adolescence. Causes include local trauma, infection (see above), chemical irritation, and poor hygiene. Forceful retraction causes future adhesions and strictures. Give a 2-6 week course of corticosteroid cream (eg, 0.1% triamcinolone or 0.05% to 0.1% betamethasone). In cases of urinary retention dorsal slit or circumcision may be needed.

Paraphimosis – leads to venous congestion and swelling and potential for ischemic injury to the glans. The foreskin may be retracted because of infection, trauma, masturbation, a hair tourniquet, a urethral foreign body or iatrogenic after inspection or foley placement. Reduction can be accomplished with gentle circumferential pressure and manipulation. Adjuncts include compressive wraps, needle puncture, ice/compression and use of babcocks. Don’t forget local anesthesia (dorsal penile block) if needed. If manual reduction is not accomplished then dorsal slit or circumcision is needed.

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