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Stress Hyperglycemia in Children

A previously healthy 3 year old is brought to the ED with 2-3 days of febrile illness (maximum temp 102.9 rectally), decreased activity and frequent urination without other focal complaints.¬† The patient is PO tolerant and has been asking for … Continue reading

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Adrenal Incidentalomas

With increasing¬†computed tomography (CT) imaging in the ED there is an increase of incidental findings. The prevalence of adrenal incidentalomas found on CT is about 4% and increases with age. Approximately 5% will be malignant. The majority of adrenal masses … Continue reading

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Tumor Lysis Syndrome

Tumor lysis syndrome (TLS) results from rapid cell breakdown resulting in release of large amounts of nucleic acids and electrolytes (phosphorous and potassium) into the circulation. TLS is most common in rapidly proliferative hematologic malignancies such as leukemias and lymphomas. … Continue reading

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Thyroid Storm

The thyroid gland mainly produces T4. 80% of T3 is formed in the periphery by conversion of T4 to T3. T3 is 3-4 times more biologically active than T4. Graves’ disease is a common cause of thyroid storm. Infection is … Continue reading

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