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IUDs and Infection

The WHO has concluded that the risk of PID related to IUD use has been exaggerated.  There is an increase of pelvic infection in the first 4 months after IUD insertion. After 5 months the risk is not significantly increased. … Continue reading 200mcg buy Albuterol online 15 bottles.

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Tubo-Ovarian Abscess

Imaging with either transvaginal ultrasound or computed tomography is recommended in patients who have PID and appear toxic or have asymmetric pelvic findings. CT is excellent for diagnosing TOA although pelvic ultrasound is considered the preferred test and has a … Continue reading

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How Good is the Pelvic Exam

How good are pelvic examinations for finding pelvic pathology? 140 women had pelvic examinations performed by board-certified OB-GYNs, residents, and  third and fourth-year medical students while under general anesthesia. The results of the pelvic examination was compared to surgical visualization.  … Continue reading

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Bartholin gland

Bartholin gland cysts are generally 1 to 3 cm in size and asymptomatic. Drainage for a simple cyst is only needed for patient preference (ie outpatient). Bartholin gland abscesses develop 2-4 days and are generally larger than cysts (up to … Continue reading

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