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Methotrexate Toxicity

A 43 year old woman with a history of depression, anxiety and severe chronic pain resulting from rheumatoid arthritis was found down in her house, surrounded by empty pill bottles with a suicide note present.  Time of ingestion was unknown … Continue reading

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Outpatient Treatment Pulmonary Embolism

It might be time to start treating patients with pulmonary embolism as outpatients. Over 6 years ago two papers were published by the same authors that presented similar prediction rules to identify patients with pulmonary embolism who are at low … Continue reading

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Fresh Whole Blood Transfusion

What would you do if placed in an environment or situation in which laboratory prepared blood components such as packed red blood cells, fresh frozen plasma and platelets were unavailable when a trauma patient needed it?

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Sickle Cell Disease: Acute Sequestration Crisis

Acute sequestration crisis is caused by obstruction of the splenic sinusoids with sickled cells. It most commonly presents in children between 6 months and 2 years although it has been reported into the early twenties. Signs and symptoms include the … Continue reading

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