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Perimortem C-section

Gestational age must have progressed to at least 24 to 26 weeks to consider perimortem C-section. Dating of the fetus can be done by dates of last menstrual cycle or by measurement of the fundal height. After 20 weeks’ gestation … Continue reading

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Imaging in Pregnancy (part II)

Appendicitis Ultrasonography should be the first-line (see ultrasound in appendicitis).  Second line should be MRI or CT. MRI is likely the best second choice if rapidly available.  Consultation with the radiologist may be appropriate to determine the optimal imaging modality. … Continue reading

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Imaging in Pregnancy (part I)

Ionizing Radiation (Xray and CT) The fetus is most susceptible to the teratogenic effects of ionizing radiation, which include microcephaly, mental retardation, growth restriction, and cataracts. This is likely based on the embryonic age: 2-8 weeks skeletal/growth restriction/cataracts, 8-20 weeks … Continue reading

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Placenta Previa

Placenta previa is defined as a placental implantation that covers or is within 2 cm of the internal cervical os. It usually presents as painless vaginal bleeding in the late second or third trimester and is common after intercourse. Some … Continue reading

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