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Methotrexate Toxicity

A 43 year old woman with a history of depression, anxiety and severe chronic pain resulting from rheumatoid arthritis was found down in her house, surrounded by empty pill bottles with a suicide note present.  Time of ingestion was unknown … Continue reading

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Brown Recluse Spider Bites/Loxoscelism

Brown recluse spiders (Loxosceles reclusa) are common in the U.S., mostly in the Midwest and South.  The venom of the brown recluse spider can result in a necrotic lesion, which is usually the question asked on most standardized tests.  However, … Continue reading

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Calcium in Digoxin Toxicity

The use of calcium for digoxin toxicity has long been reported to cause fatal arrhythmias and possibly stone heart (contraction band necrosis), but the origin of this theory has been based on sporadic case reports.  A recent retrospective article by … Continue reading

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Body Packers

Body packers are those who ingest large amounts of drugs in the forms of packets, usually with intention to cross a border.  The drugs are usually in well made packets.  This is in contrast to body stuffers, who consume smaller … Continue reading

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