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Fresh Whole Blood Transfusion

What would you do if placed in an environment or situation in which laboratory prepared blood components such as packed red blood cells, fresh frozen plasma and platelets were unavailable when a trauma patient needed it?

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Mammalian Bites

Human and animal bites account for 1% of ED visits in the United States. Wounds involving sterile sites such as tendons, joints, or bones are at increased wound risk for infection. High risk patients include: the elderly/young, diabetes, chronic renal … Continue reading

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Radial Head Fracture

Lets talk radial head fractures, as I fractured my radial head last week during a soccer game (football for many readers). Fractures of the radial head are the most common fractures involving the elbow in adults and most commonly occur … Continue reading

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Central Cord Syndrome

Central cord syndrome is described as motor impairment of the upper extremities greater than the lower extremities, bladder dysfunction (urinary retention) and varying degrees of sensory loss below the level of the lesion. The cause is classically described in elderly … Continue reading

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