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Treatment of Status Epilepticus

Most of us know to give benzos followed by phenytoin or fosphenyotin for status epilepticus, but how much benzos should we give?  If benzos and fosphenytoin don’t work, then what?  All of the reviews I read recommended lorezepam (Ativan) as … Continue reading

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Hyperglycemic Hyperosmolar State Treatment

Hyperglycemic hyperosmolar state (HHS) is known by many other names, but the main principle is elevated blood glucose in a patient with diabetes (usually type 2) with dehydration and usually a lack of ketosis.  There is a significant amount of … Continue reading

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Insulin Bolus in Adults with DKA

The literature from the pediatric world showed for years that insulin bolus prior to a drip is not only helpful, but it can also be harmful, resulting in cerebral edema.  The data from the adult world has been lacking, and … Continue reading

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Bicarbonate use in children with DKA

It’s commonly accepted now that bicarb should not be given in DKA (especially in children), unless they are continuing to clinically deteriorate, but what is the reasoning behind this?  Theoretically it makes sense to give bicarbonate to a patient in … Continue reading

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